Thursday, November 19, 2015

Candy Corn Jar!

Hey guys! I am gonna show you how to make what I call, “Candy Corn Jars”.
Materials Needed:
  • Paint (white, yellow, and orange)
  • A Mason Jar (any size, but large works best)
  • A Candle (small enough to fit into the jar)
  1. Get your paint out-all colors
  2. Paint stripes onto the jar in order of white, yellow, then orange that have the same amount of thickness
  3. Put the candle into the middle of the jar, then light the candle and ABRACADABRA!!
This is what your finished product should look like!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My First DIY How-To!

Hey Guys! I am going to do my first “How-To” for DIY that I have posted, so bare with me!
Okay, today I’m gonna show you how to do a DIY craft that I like to call “Turkey Jars”.
Materials Needed:
~ Mason Jar (Small if Available)
~ Paper (Multiple Colors Preferred-Must Have Yellow Paper OR Yellow Marker)
~ Candy (Thanksgiving Colors are suggested)
~ A Pen (Dark Color)
~ 2 Googly Eyes
Step By Step:
  1. Stick 2 googly eyes onto mason jar
  2. Cut out a triangle out of a yellow paper and stick it onto the jar
  3. cut out a few ovals from different color papers and write what you are thankful for on the ovals (Five ovals at most)
  4. This is what your "Turkey Jar" should look like when it is finished
    Stick the ovals onto the back of the jar with glue or tape
  5. Put the candy into the mason jar so that it is filled up

Monday, November 16, 2015

My Blog!

Hi! This blog is going to have multiple posts per month, I will include many posts about things that I make, to things that you make. I will also share how-to-do DIY projects and art projects! And I will be having a contest every month for “Best DIY Project”. If you want to get notifications please email, I will send you emails on a group email once I post something new! Thanks and have fun looking at my blog!